The Long Hill Ramblers are Laura Hockenhull, Ben Paley and Dan Stewart.

Currently dormant members are Tab Hunter and Dan Edwards, and we hope very much to have the chance to perform and create with them again soon.

Beauty And Butchery released!

January 2014 sees the release of Beauty And Butchery - but we'll let you have it before then ;-)

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Laura "...grew up in a family full of music. It was natural that she would develop an interest in performing. What is amazing is the quality of her performance, her ability to interpret songs in a new and refreshing way..." - Nigel Schofield

Ben is the fiddle players' fiddle player. "Your trouble, Ben," says Ian Keary (Oyster Band, Blue Aeroplanes, Duck Soup) "is that you just play the music."

ƒRoots magazine said he was "...just about the best folk fiddler of his generation". Visit to read more of that sort of thing, and see what else Ben's up to.

Dan hasn't given us his bio yet — so Ben steps in: Dan Stewart is without doubt one of the most skillful, sensitive and exciting musicians I've ever had the pleasure of playing with. And I've played with a lot of banjo players.

Long Hill is in Sussex, between the towns of Brighton and Lewes, near where Laura, Ben and Dan all live.