The Long Hill Ramblers are Laura Hockenhull, Dan Edwards, Tab Hunter, and Ben Paley.

Some of you might think Dan has changed his name. On the contrary, we've said goodbye to the lovely Dan Stewart, and hello to the equally lovely Dan Edwards.

Beauty And Butchery released!

January 2014 sees the release of Beauty And Butchery - but we'll let you have it before then ;-)

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Their press release says:

If you're looking for a gimmick, move along. All the Long Hill Ramblers have to offer is folk music: clear, beautiful vocals, rich harmonies, virtuoso musicianship, and a repertoire drawn from among the finest traditional songs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Laura Hockenhull's voice must have been the best-kept secret in folk music over the last few years. Those in the know, including some of the most repected names in the business, have admired her work for the purity of her voice, and the strength of her interpretations. Now the secret is out.

Tab Hunter on guitar, Ben Paley on fiddle and Dan Edwards on banjo have each made international reputations for themselves as instrumentalists in all sorts of traditional music, in more bands than we can begin to list. They should need no introduction, but if you've missed out on them so far, well, that's what the internet's for!

Reputation only gets you so far, though; what counts is the music, and that's why the Long Hill Ramblers are great: real music. No gimmicks.

Laura "...grew up in a family full of music. It was natural that she would develop an interest in performing. What is amazing is the quality of her performance, her ability to interpret songs in a new and refreshing way..." - Nigel Schofield

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Tab has so far failed to provide any biographical details, so Ben writes:
"Tab and I have been playing together for years now, but if I were ever tempted to take his playing for granted then listening to the Long Hill Ramblers demos would remind me what a sparkling, understated, beautiful guitarist he is."

Ben is the fiddle players' fiddle player. "Your trouble, Ben," says Ian Keary (Oyster Band, Blue Aeroplanes, Duck Soup) "is that you just play the music."

ƒRoots magazine said he was "...just about the best folk fiddler of his generation". Visit to read more of that sort of thing, and see what else Ben's up to.

Dan has joined so recently we haven't got a biog off him yet. We never got one off the last Dan either...

Long Hill is in Sussex, between the towns of Brighton and Lewes, near where Laura, Tab, Ben and Dan all live.