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Cover of Beauty And Butchery



Caution: May contain traces of swan*

This is a CD in a cellophane-wrapped, full-colour, 6-panel card pack with insert, featuring beautiful artwork by David Owen. If you'd prefer to purchase a download version, visit

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Recorded, mixed and mastered at Metway Studios
Produced by Sean Lakeman
Engineered by Sean Lakeman and Toby May
Mixed and mastered by Al Scott
Cover art by David Owen

1. Take Me Home
2. The Southern Girl's Reply
3. Little Margaret / Black Jack Grove
4. Frankie and Johnny (Leaving Home)
5. One Year When Bacon Was Scarce / Polska efter 'Mofatt' Anders Jonasson
6. Hop, Rabbit, Hop
7. The Storms Are on the Ocean
8. Molly Bond
9. Still House
10. The Bright Sunny South
11. 44 Gun
12. Lady Diamond
13. Broken-Hearted Love

*No swans were harmed in the making of this recording